Timely delivery of granite is our main concern at MetroMax Exports.

Our granite supply process starts even before the order is placed with the associated factories. We receive a production schedule with deadlines from the factory. The schedule is mentioned in the order placed to the factories. The branch office and on-site inspectors receive a copy of the schedule, and monitoring is done accordingly.
Weekly production reports are sent from the branch to the head office, and if production is slow, necessary steps are taken to speed up the process. If the production is not according to the desired schedule and the factory is not able to cope with the situation, the order is given to another factory at the 10% production stage. In this way, we attach importance to the delivery of granite.

We are aware that our direct customers need to deliver the products on time to their respective customers and related projects. To do this and ensure timely delivery of granite, we carefully follow the production process at each stage to get things done within the agreed time frame.

The shipping department coordinates with the production department to ensure that the product leaves the port of loading on time. The buyer is also kept informed at every stage of production and transportation. In the meantime, buyers can contact us via Skype or email to get accurate information and the location of the product in transit.