Quality Control
Quality Control
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Bringing you products of the highest possible quality:

We provide our international clients with a comprehensive picture of how granite production really appears, as performed by competent and experienced inspectors. In the actual situation, we recognize problems and get rid of their root causes. All of the granite slabs and tiles are created to the specifications of the buyers, minimizing import risks, thanks to our granite quality control procedures.

Our procedures for evaluating the granite items' quality:

At every stage of manufacturing, including pre-production quality control, production quality control, pre-shipment quality control, and container loading supervision, we examine the quality of the granite goods.

Aesthetic Quality Controls:

Inspection of the material's appearance, including its hue, texture, patterns, crystallinity, and grain structure.

Scratches, fissures, splits, broken edges, chipped edges, pinholes, and swirls are examples of other defects.

Inspection of Surface Finishing: polished, aged, honed, flamed, hammered, tumbled, naturally cleft, lepatora, bevel edge, etc.

Polish level, flatness, and angle of straight edges are examples of other production processes.

Dimensions & Details Checks that the dimensions are all within the tolerance for approval, including the diagonal length, angle control, etc.

All MetroMax Exports granite products are completely consistent in size, color, finish, and accordance with the requirements of the purchasers, thanks to the efforts of our quality inspection team. For each and every order, we guarantee a complete inspection of every finished product. We adhere to the ISO 9000 standard’s best practices for granite quality control at the production level. We provide our clients with commercial, standard, and premium quality items based on their shifting business demands.