Completely secure granite packaging made of the proper materials

Suppliers frequently place less emphasis on granite packing than they do on the product’s quality. They fall short in this area! If the granite tiles and slabs are not packed properly, it could result in broken tiles or a ruined finish, which could end up costing the person receiving the product quite a bit of money. At MetroMax Exports, we employ sturdy crates made of dry, good-quality, and strong wood for packaging granite. These crates are meant to be sturdy enough to support the typical product weight of 1 tonne (s). For additional stone product safety, we employ the following materials for packing granite

Using plastic as a cushioning material

Thin polythene sheets, plastic sheets and foams.

Sheets of polythene between polished surfaces

Sturdy hardwood containers and reinforced straps

Corrugated boxes and thermocol boxes

Sanitized pallets made of wood

Packaging of granite from suppliers

How do we make it happen?

The boxes Metromax Exports uses must be handled several times, including when they are loaded at the production, stuffed into the container at the loading port, discharged from the ship, and handled again in the dealer’s stockyard. The products are stacked and stored for quite some time before being sold, even in the customer’s stockyard. Therefore, it is plainly essential that boxes be manufactured of sturdy materials. We watch out for the packaging of the granite. Inside of wooden containers are polyethylene sheets followed by thermocol sheets and a foam layer. Following that, the tiles are packed firmly to preserve the corners and edges from chipping during lengthy shipment. Additionally, containers that have been sealed with polyethylene sheets are shielded from rain. For protective packaging, sturdy nails and materials are employed.